Summer 2024
555-SOUL is releasing its second collection under the creative direction of Camella Ehlke. For Spring/Summer 2024, the brand remains focused on three pillars: paying homage to the brand’s legacy, contemporary art, and building community. 
Playing with ideas of renewal and authenticity, the team was inspired to theme their lookbook around a boundless environment - a place where one can create as well as destroy. Channeling the raw energy of the 90s, the brand urged its models to truly let go. Ehlke often reflects on the power of creative expression and freedom and wanted this campaign to embody that pioneering spirit. In an increasingly overstimulated, overwhelmed, and manicured society, here is a moment of unfiltered, gritty humanness. The lookbook features the contemporary SS24 collection, one-of-one pieces by Camella, as well as an array of vintage styles from Camella’s archives. 
555 SOUL worked with Sue Kwon on their Fall 2023 lookbook, paying homage to their past. For Spring/Summer, they tapped Jacob Consenstein to support their mission of propelling young artists in New York.
This collection was greatly influenced by 90’s era 555-SOUL. Graphic elements such as old party flyers and logos by Alyasha define this drop. Apparel in the SS24 collection ranges from graphic tees and hoodies to bespoke garments sewn by Camella in her Brooklyn studio. Key standouts include a project with Ricky Powell’s estate and the Tie Hat, Camella’s iconic first creation from 1989 that helped put 555-SOUL on the map. Additionally, the brand teamed up with @storagebased to offer an assortment of vintage styles and a selection of collectibles that are related to the brand's history, including art and music memorabilia. 

The SS24 collection will be available June 14 2024, at 2pm ET.

Photographer and Co-Director: Jacob Consenstein @jacob.consenstein 
Creative Director: Camella Ehlke
Co-Director/Editor: Nic Boozang @nboozang
Production and Styling: Nico Bonacquist @nicholasbonacquist and Max Burkeman @maxburkeman
Producer: Michael McCarney @mikeakomplice
Color Producer: Lucy Gatanis @lucybg @assemblypost
Sound Design: Keith Charles @keithcharles
Colorist: Phil Choe @philchoe
Khris Jasper @jetfighterwatson
Angel @
angelsup3rstar, Jonny @jonnyuptown
Dania Lechter Kuj @danialechter
Jesa Chiro @jesachiro