The Company will ship the Product(s) ordered by you according to the delivery method you have chosen and to the address indicated in the Order Confirmation. Express delivery for Canadian orders is usually 1-2 business days and Standard Delivery is usually 4-7 business days. Time delays can occur based on a remote location and/or transportation issues. Either Triple five Soul and/or transport company will provide a firm date of delivery when able.

If you have ordered several Products we may deliver these Products in separate shipments as each item becomes available at no extra cost to you.

To ensure prompt delivery we must have proper and complete address details and make one delivery charge per delivery address. A daytime telephone number is required in case we or our delivery agents need to contact you.

Delivery times provided by the Company are estimates only. The Company shall not be responsible for any damages or costs resulting from any delays in delivery.


In order to avoid lost packages, it is standard policy to request a signature for the packages we deliver. If no one is at the designated address at the time of delivery, the carrier will attempt to contact you to make alternative arrangements. It is understood and agreed that you as the customer accept this responsibility unless you specifically request a “signature-not-required” service, for which a small service charge may apply. At this time, such requests must be sent by e-mail at the time of purchase. Another option for customers is to put their daytime location (such as their work address) in the SHIPPING Address section of the Order information.


The Company shall not be responsible for any damages or costs resulting from loss of the package after it is delivered to the address chosen by the customer, in the manner chosen by the customer.

Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted do not include shipping and handling charges and applicable federal and provincial sales taxes. Separate charges for shipping and handling and taxes will be shown on the Order Confirmation for each order, as applicable. customers are responsible for all sales, use, goods and services, harmonized sales, and other taxes and duties associated with the order.